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Now NLA Trained!

My Approach

Baseline Therapy LLC is a pediatric clinic providing in-home and community-based services. I take a whole-child, sensory-forward approach to my therapy services, addressing all areas that are important in making the day-to-day of each child and family as meaningful as possible. The child leads, and I simply support with shaping and encouraging growth across domains.  

About me

My name is Kelly Manning and I am a Speech Language Pathologist with experience in both the school and private clinic settings. I strive to push myself in all areas of my non-work life and bring the same passion and open-minded approach to work as well. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Supporting receptive language, expressive language, and social skills for those on the Autism spectrum or other neurodivergent children.

Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC)

Working with all levels of verbal needs with low tech to high tech AAC devices and supports to best meet the communication needs of each child. 

Behavior Support

Supporting parents and schools with students who demonstrate inappropriate/challenging behaviors. 

Sensory Feeding

Working with those deemed "picky eaters" on sensory skills, expanding diets, mealtime habits, and creating pressure-free, enjoyable mealtimes for families. 

Therapy Sessions
Speech Sounds

Helping to shape errored speech sounds or break non-typical speech patterns to meet developmental milestones and support intelligible interactions.

IEP Consultation

Working with families and schools to educate, advocate, and encourage the best outcomes across school and home settings. 

Literacy Intervention

Supporting struggling readers through literacy intervention to make reading more fun and make gains in academics. 

Early Intervention with TEIS 

Baseline is now proudly a TEIS service provider for in-home or community based services!

Therapy Sessions

Our Services


Phone Consultation

Each family will set up a time (about 15-30 minutes) to discuss, by phone, family concerns and recommendations about whether evaluation or intervention is advised will be provided. 


Forms, Intake, Evaluation

Comprehensive evaluations include caregiver interview, assessment, and clinical observations. A full report will be prepared with a copy provided to families along with a plan of care and recommendations.


Individualized Treatment

Therapy sessions are individually tailored to each child's needs, paired with evidence-based intervention approaches, parent coaching, and progress reporting. 

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